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Talk | "The Role of 'Doing Without' in Classical Hollywood Melodrama" | 03.11.23

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Heike Paul is giving a talk which focuses on the interplay between fulfillment, on the one hand, and renouncing and doing without, on the other, and their role in classical Hollywood melodrama, such as Douglas Sirk's All that Heaven Allows (1955) and Leo McCarey's An Affair to Remember (1957). The talk is part of the 6th conference of the commission Religiosity and Spirituality of the German Society for Empirical Cultural Studies (DGEKW), titled "Tun und Lassen: Verzicht zwischen Nachhaltigkeitspolitik und spiritueller Sinnsuche" ('Doing and Letting Go: Renunciation between Sustainability Policy and Spiritual Search for Meaning') . The official German title of the talk is "Zwischen Entsagung und Erfüllung: Verzicht im klassischen Hollywood-Melodrama."

For more information on the conference itself and a full program, see here.


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