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Event | About James Baldwin: Film Screening and Conversation with Rich Blint | 6.12.2023

Updated: Feb 8

The Bavarian American Academy presents an event titled "James Baldwin: At Home and Abroad," hosted at the Amerikahaus München on December 6, 2023. Following the screening of two documentary films about James Baldwin (Meeting the Man: James Baldwin in Paris, 1971, and I Am Not Your Negro, 2016), the event will conclude with a conversation between Heike Paul and Rich Blint, who is currently Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of African and African American Studies and the Master program in Liberal Studies at Dartmouth College. Blint is a well-versed expert on Baldwin and has a new book coming up about the writer and civil rights activist, titled A Radical Interiority: James Baldwin and the Personified Self in Modern American Culture.

For more information on the event and on how to attend (guests are asked to register in advance), see here.


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