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Talk | "'Rally Around the Christmas Tree' - About a Civil Religious Holiday" | 21.09.23

In context of the conference "Sentimental State(s) - Sentimental Politics of Order and Belonging" held in Erlangen from September 20-22, 2023, Heike Paul - together with Sarah Marak - talk about the United States' National Christmas Tree as a tradition that has been in place for already 100 years. The full title of the talk is "'Rally Around the Christmas Tree' - The Sentimental Politics of a Civil Religious Holiday" and it will be given as part of a panel on "The People's Feelings" on Thursday, September 22, 2023 at 2:30pm.

The conference is the first conference of the research training group "The Sentimental in Literature, Culture, and Politics," to be kicked off with a keynote lecture by Marie-Luise Angerer from Potsdam University on "Under Pressure: Fraying Bodies and Borders"´on Wednesday, September 20, and all in all featuring fourteen talks by members of the research training group and international guests.

For more information on the symposium see here. A full program is available here.


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