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Event | "Affective Landscapes - Photography and Cinema of the American West" | 15.06.23

Heike Paul participates in an event hosted by the Thomas Mann House, Los Angeles and co-presented by the Getty Research Institute: a conversation with photo historian and photographer Jordan Reznick and American Studies scholar Carolin Görgen, who - like Heike Paul - is a Thomas Mann fellow. The conversation, which is moderated by L.A.-based visual artist and educator Erin Cooney, will address aspects such as the relationship between Californian landscape photography and U.S. environmentalism, the role of California's long history of mineral extraction in the same context, as well as the ways in which the presentation of the West in both photography and film influences our political and aesthetic perception of the American West as an affective landscape.

For more information on the event and how to attend, see here.


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