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Monographs & Edited Volumes

Die USA – eine liberale Demokratie und ihre Anachronismen

Edited by Heike Paul and Boris Vormann
The Myths that made America.jpg

This German-language publication (English title: "The USA - A Liberal Democracy and Its Anachronisms") is a special issue of the Zeitschrift für Politik. It takes a closer look at American democracy, which may be the oldest and most traditional form of democracy in the world, but is also in need of reform and in crisis. It was not only 6th January 2021 that demonstrated this. Looking at the country’s political institutions, its party and media landscape, American federalism as well as questions relating to its political culture and outdated normative ideals of social justice, the contributions to this issue discuss various anachronisms and contradictions within the US democratic system and address proposals for reform and change.

With contributions by Maren Freudenberg | Christoph Haas | Eva Marlene Hausteiner | Laura Kettel | Alexander Keyssar | Christian Lammert | Claus Leggewie | Heike Paul | Astrid Séville | Laura Vorberg | Boris Vormann

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